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Mickey Rooney: Actor, Entertainer, Elder Abuse Victim

By MWK - April 10, 2014

Young Mickey Rooney

When actor Mickey Rooney died recently at 93, having worked in show business for 80 years, we might have assumed that a Hollywood star of such magnitude would have made a fortune and been able to leave a substantial legacy. We would be wrong....

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Why Fight Arbitration?

By MWK - April 01, 2014

The little guy in arbitration

Our clients sometimes ask us why we almost always fight arbitration agreements, which force people into private arbitration rather than allowing an injured party to have a day in court in front of the jury. There are several reasons, but the two...

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Why Do So Many Cardiac Patients Get Stents? M-O-N-E-Y

By MWK - March 20, 2014

Money and medicine

There are about 700,000 cardiac stent procedures performed in the U.S. each year. This involves the implantation of a tiny metal mesh tube in a coronary artery, ostensibly to relieve a blockage. Well, sometimes. It turns out that tens of...

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Dangerous, Deteriorating Roads – There’s No Cheap Fix

By C. Douglas Weber - February 28, 2014

Dangerous, Deteriorating Roads – There’s No Cheap Fix

America’s road to recovery may face a costly detour due to a fraying transportation network. This past week, President Obama unveiled a proposed $300 billion plan to upgrade the nation’s roads, bridges and rail lines. It is an...

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ACEP National Report Card Shows Emergency Medical Care...

By C. Douglas Weber - February 12, 2014

"F" Report Card

Wyoming is a beautiful state, with lots to offer. Many people – some of them Arizonans – travel there to vacation. Best to be warned, however: whatever you do, avoid needing emergency medical care in Wyoming. The American College of...

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Seriously, Go Get Some Sleep

By C. Douglas Weber - February 06, 2014

Asleep at the wheel

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has called sleep deprivation a “public health epidemic,” with an estimated 50-70 million Americans suffering from a chronic sleep or wakefulness disorder. More than a third of U.S. adults...

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Baby Boomers: Plan Today For An Expensive Tomorrow

By C. Douglas Weber - January 29, 2014

Long-term care

According to a new poll released by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, 72% of affluent baby boomers incorrectly believe the Affordable Care Act will cover their long-term care (LTC) costs in old age. The poll, conducted by Harris...

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Should An Auto Accident Equal Financial Ruin?

By C. Douglas Weber - December 23, 2013

Car insurance calculator

Four months ago, the Smiths, a family of four, were driving to dinner one evening. They were broad-sided in an intersection by a car that ran a red light. After striking the Smiths’ vehicle, this other car careened across the intersection...

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Hire Me or I'll Sue

By C. Douglas Weber - December 19, 2013

Need A Job

In November of 2012, we wrote about how tough times were for recent law school graduates. Record numbers of graduates were being forced to take jobs that didn’t require admission to the Bar, and the Association for Legal Career...

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Be Cyber-Safe on Cyber Monday

By Gabriel V. Kory - December 02, 2013

Cyber Monday legal tips

Cyber Monday is upon us again, meaning the productivity of businesses everywhere will take their annual hit as employees sneak in some online holiday shopping.  Estimates are that as many as 131 million people will make an online purchase of...

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