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Reduce.Reuse.Recycle...Prescription Drugs?

By C. Douglas Weber - January 16, 2015

Got Drugs

Medical care in this country is too costly. Sometimes, though, that high cost isn’t due to unnecessary tests, negligent doctors, high-priced drugs, or anything else the media finds sexy. Sometimes the culprit is just plain old...

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Hospitals Are Getting Better

By C. Douglas Weber - December 22, 2014

Report Card

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any period of time, you know that we can be very critical of the quality of medical care that patients receive in many hospitals and nursing facilities across the country.  With good...

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Pressure Ulcer Prevention Day

By C. Douglas Weber - November 17, 2014

World Wide Pressure Ulcer Prevention Day Logo

This Thursday, November 20th, is World Wide Pressure Ulcer Prevention Day. The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) has designated this day to focus attention on what is the most common injury suffered by vulnerable adult...

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The Feds Show Some Teeth On Behalf Of Seniors

By C. Douglas Weber - October 15, 2014

Health Care Corruption

Recently, an encouraging trend has emerged regarding federal oversight of nursing homes. Federal prosecutors are beginning to demonstrate a willingness to go after substandard nursing homes for violation of something called the False...

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The Real Impact of Tort Reform

By Jeffrey B. Miller - October 03, 2014

Tort Reform Scales of Justice

The idea of "tort reform" comes up every few years as insurance companies attempt to shift the cost of negligence to the injured parties and away from the insured person who caused the harm. With promises of lower health care...

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Planning to send someone else's kids to law school?

By C. Douglas Weber - August 28, 2014

flushing money down the toilet

We’ve blogged before about the divergence between the number of law jobs available (few) and the number of students graduating from law schools (many). We also know that, with times tough all over, the response to that information...

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England Attempts to Ban Cigarettes

By C. Douglas Weber - July 29, 2014


People smoke cigarettes in England, just as they do in the US.  Their healthcare system is different from ours, however, and this may result in England ultimately adopting a much more radical strategy to eradicate tobacco use than anything...

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Behemoth Insurers

By C. Douglas Weber - July 18, 2014

Insurance Claims

In nearly every case we handle, we are dealing with an insurance company on the other side.  On one hand, that is a good thing – it means that there is someone who can pay for our client’s damages without  having to try to...

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Veterans Deserve Better

By Jeffrey B. Miller - June 30, 2014

American Flag on Wheelchair Honoring Veterans

After  the most recent revelation that VA officials—particularly those in Phoenix-- destroyed records reflecting the horrible lack of responsiveness to veterans' healthcare, veterans and their families have...

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An excellent way to increase the hourly wage of our...

By Gabriel V. Kory - June 25, 2014

Using Nursing Home Executives' bonuses to increase the hourly wage of nursing home staff is a great idea.

If you’ve visited a lot of nursing homes, as we have, you’ll notice that a lot of the facilities look very much alike. This should be no surprise, as the same small group of people are behind the construction and administration of...

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