Aids Day Red BrunchOn Saturday, December 1st, Doug and Julie Weber attended the inaugural Red Brunch at the Phoenix Downtown Sheraton, commemorating World Aids Day. The event, organized by Aunt Rita’s Foundation, offered an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the work of Aunt Rita’s in the Phoenix community. From its humble beginning as a bake sale in the late 80’s, it has grown to become a robust charitable foundation that provides critical funding to 19 AIDS Service Organizations in metropolitan Phoenix.

At the event, Aunt Rita’s Foundation unveiled the development of a new website that they hope and expect to become a model for the country: HIVAZ.ORG. This clear, uncomplicated, user-friendly website puts information regarding “All Things HIV in Arizona” in one, easily-searchable place. It provides the web visitor with information on available testing and prevention, care providers, and other essential services in the visitor’s geographic locality, all in a simple, easy-to-navigate format.

Doug and Julie were honored to be able to attend this first-ever brunch, and encourage others to find out more about the many good works of Aunt Rita’s Foundation.